However, given that we are only halfway through the year, it would be remiss to mark it as red at this stage. No, there is no funding available for that currently. So, I will come back to you in writing on that. My understanding is that it is more to do with the disease outbreaks that we had during the year. It is about getting agreements in place with our current provider to allow us to migrate the new system in a planned and managed way. We could look at the process to see if there is merit in looking at it, and whether some projects which did not quite make it needed some remedial work to the project.

The reporting period ended on 30 June, but, in practice, it proved difficult for some Departments to draft and obtain ministerial approval for their input over the holiday period. This is a fundamental change to the way that we view this business, and it is vital if we are to grow the economy. I intend to use the same template in to report to the departmental board and the Minister on the periods ended September, December and March. My understanding of how common land is mapped, or has been mapped up until now, is that it has not been on our land parcel identification system LPIS. Well done; that is a good story. There are different recommendations.

Official Report (Hansard)

Therefore, as a result of that, the progress will become transparent. That concludes my introductory comments. I certainly know that CAFRE is working closely with the various sectors in trying to help them to develop their business plans so that they are in a good position once the funding does become available.

dard business plan 2013-14

Those are in the balanced scorecard, which 203-14 are happy to share with you. As well as understanding the challenges, we have included a new section detailing the delivery mechanisms that are available to the Department.


It is something that I have not seen before, Graeme. The exception is goal 2, target 3, which is recorded at page 12 of the report. I suppose that is why I made the point in my introductory comments about the positive impact that those schemes are having, so we do intend to continue to deliver 201-14 in the current financial year.

I advise members that the business case is in the process of being quality assured and that the overall Programme for Government commitment of advancing the relocation of headquarters remains broadly on course to be achieved.

That has been uncovered and addressed through the investment that busineess have put into it. Thank you for the opportunity to present the Department’s mid-year report on our business plan targets.

My understanding is that it is currently in draft and that we are not that far away, but I am not in a position to give you an exact date for presenting it to the Executive. There has been a lot of work going on in the Department in shaping the programme, specifically in the rural development programme.

It has been submitted to the Executive, and we are awaiting the outcome of those considerations. Those are detailed in pages 4 and 5 of the document, while 2013–14 6 and 7 provide more context on some of the challenges that we face over the next 12 months. That is in the financial year.

DARD Business Plan

Thank you very much, gentlemen, for your time. There are contractual arrangements in all of that and financial consequences to that. This year, we introduced a new mapping system as a control. We have gone through it 2103-14 identified that there have been shortcomings, and we have addressed that. As you know, I have raised that with you before.

Business Plan Progress Report: DARD Briefing

Why are the cogs turning so slowly? I think that this is what disability groups would tell us that they prefer — that they are not singled out in that way — but we are always looking to see if new schemes are coming along. However, those schemes are doing a good job, and they are getting to the people, but they are not getting the results out.


dard business plan 2013-14

As you will appreciate, there are quite a number and variety of sectors, so we need to make sure that we are doing the right thing. The other red targets in the business plan relate to the publication of the rural White Paper action plan and commencing the procurement of a new Northern Ireland food animal information system NIFAIS. The detail that is in the corporate scorecard reflects all ppan Department’s key business issues, and, as a consequence, the targets are both inward-facing and outward-facing.

I am going to move you on to goal 3, target 4. Only if it is easy enough to provide; I would not want to give you any more work.

You have never used all of the funding that has been available. Official Report Hansard Session: In your explanation, it says that the increased level was:. In the long term, I think that there is a plan to do that. It is also about our engaging with the Department of Finance and Personnel DFP to try to secure the necessary funding.

So the work that has been going on 20131-4 about engaging with the individual sectors but also designing what will work within that and how the Department can deliver that. I am sure that members will appreciate that that section could have been much longer and more detailed, but it is necessary to be proportionate to aid understanding in presenting the Department’s business plan.

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