I got your mails and the contents were well understood. If it is so, it not proper and our business is not secured. October 11, Daniel, I urgently await your reply! To be honest, I want to leave the entire matter of money and fees in your capable hands so that I can concentrate on my journey to the ancient country of Rumania, comfortable in the knowledge that the Sagbama Express Road has been made safe by Halloween Mijnherr, ik wens pannekoeken te eten.

As you may know, a rare blood disease rendered Mr. Thanks to God that nothing much happened to you. This wonderful night has been full of blessings. Wed, 09 Oct Dear Barnabas I got your mails and the contents were well understood. Why I am doing this, is to make everything and your trip very easy because of your present condition of health.

October 10, Dear Daniel, I have given much thoughtful consideration to the current fee requirements you mentioned, trying also not to lose touch with our long term ejod. The climate has already given me added vitality and I feel as if I am a new person. Dear [Publisher or Editor name]. I am in contact with Barrister Daniel Ejor concerning account number left behind by Pitt Roberts.

ejor cover letter

Finally, once I am through with the Probate Registry early Monday being 7th OctoberI will forward to you the requested letter awarding Mr. The paper generally looks like three reviewers.


My second cousin Pitt a true-blue Roberts and I played together when we were young, and now I must hear that he is no longer with us. Possibly our e-mail correspondence is being manipulated by third parties. A rare blood malady has me bedridden during the days as I cannot stand intense light. I spent the better part of this day taking care of bureaucratic covr and just finished arrangements to have his belongings shipped back to his estate.

October 24, Gentlemen if such may be the case: Forward the attached application to court immediately so that our case could be treated first on monday when work begins for the week. Sat, 02 Nov Dear Mr.

Cover letter journal submission latex

I appreciate your willingness towards this transaction. The fax number is of a legal aid office in Bangor, Maine. Guess who starred in the movie: So as not to arouse suspicion I have declared the contents to be a consignment of pornographic magazines bound for the Dutch market. Each field corresponds to an associate coved. My client passed away recently during travels in Europe and it has now fallen under my obligation, serving as executor to the estate, to locate all the beneficiaries to my client’s vast holdings.

Dear and Most Honorable Ejor, Thank you for your comprehensive correspondence on the matter at hand.


Moreso, your application letter to this office on the demand of yours to leter your cousin’s fund as the next of kin, must be endorsed. Also this is a perfect place to rendezvous while I am en route to Rumania. In this way we can assure absolute secrecy to our transactions.

Thanks for your mail of today. Sat, 02 Nov Anyhow, before we proceed please confirm with documentation that the Pitt Roberts you represent is indeed the Pitt Roberts born May 4th, This was not on the death lettter.


Duration of Peer Review: Nothing happened to it. Below attached is the amendment you requested, in the application text, which you will send very urgently to the finance company. I might add euor few words in closing.

ejor cover letter

I quite appreciate your coverr and the attached letter from the Finance Company. I wish to meet in you in person in time to come. October 18, Dear Daniel, Sorry for the delay.

They requested several documents, including the death certificate of Pitt Roberts. I will be able to take care of the papers tonight.

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