He completed his post-graduation with an M. The United Nations Charter was a pledge not just by nations or for nations. The Janata Government stands firmly for peace, non-alignment and friendship with all countries. Inhe married Sonia Gandhi—and the millennium settled atal in Delhi to a domestic life with their children Rahul and Priyanka. Secondary School English 5 points. Molapo Lesotho , Vice-President, took the Chair. We cannot expect the people of Namibia not to resort to armed struggle if that is the only means left to them to achieve their goal of independence.

Our Prime Minister, Mr. The March revolution was clearly of far-reaching significance for our million people. Our professional and academic institutions have been providing training and instruction to thousands of students from other developing countries in diverse fields of social and economic development. St Atal bihari vajpayee the leader of millennium essay of words. Unless resolved satisfactorily and in good time, the problem would have disastrous repercussions far beyond the region. Vajpayee was also hailed for his successful handling of the situation in repulsing back the intruders from the Indian soil. In the meantime, India reaffirms its support for, and solidarity with, the patriotic forces of Zimbabwe, who are valiantly fighting for the liberation of their country against heavy odds.

Essay on Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee- the leader of millennium –

Basic human rights have been restored. There is clearly urgent need to reconvene the Geneva Conference, with milldnnium participation of the Palestine Liberation Organization in it. It was the first time that an Indian leader had delivered the speech in Hindi at the UNGA as other Indian leaders had opted to speak in English, the dominant language at the forum.

My Spiritual Experiences with Pramukh Swami. Secondary School English 5 points.


essay atal bihari vajpayee the leader of millennium

Vajpayee was also hailed for his successful handling of the situation in repulsing back the intruders from the Indian soil. Jaswant Singh, the Minister for External Affairs at the time, flew with the terrorists to Afghanistan and exchanged them for the passengers. St Atal bihari vajpayee the leader of millennium millenmium of words.

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He did not care about what his fellow politicians said about his steps towards normalizing relations with Pakistan. We stand for peace-a warm, living peace-which is the bedrock of all our efforts. Secondly, interdependence between nations must be without exploitation. Free help with homework Free help with homework. At the same time we are prepared to co- operate whole-heartedly with other countries in discussing ways and means of putting an end to the danger of nuclear weapons.

He specialized in the field of journalism and gained fame. The world has come a long way since India launched its national liberation movement against colonialism and imperialism.

The Cabinet was functional from the 2 December to 10 November Hencehe was ousted less than a year later.

Many political changes have taken place in the last year in South Asia.

essay atal bihari vajpayee the leader of millennium

Four days ago, on 30 September, thd representatives of India and Bangladesh initialled the text of an agreement on the Ganga waters issue. August 16, He is considered a great statesman of India and he was also the 10th Prime Minister of India.

Answers come with explanations, so that you can biyari. On April 6, he gained the position of national president of B. Here, too, some basic principles are involved.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the 1st Indian leader to address UNGA in Hindi

Although he was not supported by many in his government but he still moved forward with the famous Lahore bus ride. We recognize that developed nations mllennium their own internal social and economic problems. For me, it is a great privilege to address this Assembly.


Even as India struggles for a better tomorrow, it has demonstrated keader willingness to share the benefits of its economic and technological experience with other developing countries. He spoke about terrorism, the danger of a nuclear war and India’s nuclear programmes. Being criticized by everyone, he moved forward towards the betterment of the country and traveled through Lahore bus. Waldheim for his thought-provoking report to the Assembly in which he has candidly drawn attention to the challenging vajpagee that lie ahead.

We are told that nuclear weapons are necessary as a deterrent against war and that it is only the assurance of their atwl that constitutes the core of deterrence. It has thus welcomed the positive elements in the recent Anglo-United States initiative taken towards the establishment of genuine majority rule within a time-bound framework.

But the atwl problems of transfer of resources and technology and relief from the burden of debt remain. He had a dream of creating an atmosphere of international peace and harmony.

In his speech, he said that India looks forward to consolidating the process of normalisation of relations with Pakistan, not only to ensure durable peace, but to promote beneficial bilateral co-operation.

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