Barringtonia acutangula , Acacia nilotica , and Alangium salviflorum trees and dry evergreen scrub and thorn forests. Karikili Bird Sanctuary also serves as an ideal picnic spot. Locals too have been protecting this sanctuary for a very long time. Forests Rest House at Vedanthangal, P. Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary is around 87km from Chennai. Train by Name or Number.

They demanded and obtained a ‘ Cowle ‘ from the collector Mr Place, Collector of Chingleput [5] to protect the birds. Clear My notification inbox. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tamil Nadu is the state where tourists find the history and the natural beauty in there most attractive form. You can take buses from Chennai to Chengalpet and from there take a bus to Padalam Junction. Vedanthangal is extremely hot and humid during the summer months from March to July, when the temperature can reach a maximum of 40 degrees C or more.

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essay on vedanthangal bird sanctuary

Clear Notification X Do you want to clear all the notifications from your inbox? Several steps have been taken by the Government of Tamil Nadu to protect the area. Check In 23 May,Thu. Quite apart from being known for its variety of ducks and waders, Karikili is an important fresh water feeding ground for migratory birds.

Tamil Nadu: With birds flying in, Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary opens to public

Accommodation at the Forest Rest House at Vedanthangalcan be booked in advance by contacting: The sanctuary is the nest for various bird families. The best time to visit this birdd is from November to March.


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Interestingly, the bird droppings that fall into these tanks enhance the fertility of the soil on which their water is used. Snactuary is an 11 kilometer drive from there.

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary

Other bird species that you can see here are Garganey teals, common teals, Shoveller, little grebes, dab chicks, herons, egrets, pin tailed ducks – saanctuary many others. Retrieved from ” https: However, the fastest and most comfortable is route 1; while on this route, you can reach your destination within minimum time and catch scenic beauty at Kolavai Lake, watch amazing wildlife at Vandalur Zoo and taste local food at Maduravoyal.

Comments I will be in Mahaballipuram from Sept 16 and want to visit Vedanthangal bird sanctuary. If you are around Chennai between November and February and are looking for a quiet space to which you can retreat for a couple of days — bird watching in Karikili is just the thing you need. One doesn’t even have to be an avid bird lover to enjoy it.

You can board a bus or hire a taxi directly from Chennai to Vedanthangal. You can have a break at Kolavai Lake and enjoy the views of several birds playing over the surface of water and fishermen fishing in their small boats.

Nearly 60 years later, the collector of Chingleput passed an order to establish it as a protected area. Please select your destination To Destination City.

There are many migrated birds can be found here like Garganey blue-greens, Common blue-greens, Shoveller, Pin tailed ducks, Stilts, Sandpipers, etc. Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary is around 87km from Chennai.


Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu

Get best deals on travel, receive travel tips and travel stories instantly Subscribe to Nativeplanet. Travellers 1 Traveller s. The water enriched by bird droppings results in increased yield. Forests Rest House at Vedanthangal, P.

essay on vedanthangal bird sanctuary

The west and south sides of the lake are bordered by a long bund, whereas the northern and eastern sides extend to the agricultural lands. Posted by Ilamurugan at In order to prevent locals from hunting birds and animals in this vird, it was established in Karikili is a heaven for Ducks and Waders.

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary – A Perfect Weekend Getaway From Chennai – Nativeplanet

Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary is one amongst these which is protecting several endangered and rare bird species of the world. One of the first winged visitors to this sanctuary is the Open billed Stork.

Some migratory birds fly from different continents like Australia and countries like Srilanka, Siberia and Burma. It is a heaven for every bird enthusiast and a paradise for every picnic lover.

essay on vedanthangal bird sanctuary

During the summer season, this beautiful lake acts as a reservoir and supplies water to other parts of Tamil Nadu.

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