The Masterminds were supposed mainly to be of any ofthe following categories Kurkure could explore resealable bags and sell Kurkure or some version of it in larger quantities. After the product was established in the market, the phase II plans took off. There was a need to make Kurkure a central part of the tea-time. The ingredients are fed into a machine that makes puffed extrusions or collette, which are then cut to desired length. There will be regionally strong players and there will be times when some others could come up with something new, but we are not taking off our eyes from the ball,” says Warrier.

However, this might require efforts to maintain product integrity. When they’re passionate about something. Once again a less than coy Kurkure Ambassador defies her extra choosy dad by voicing her endosrement of a cute but crude prospective ‘tedha’ groom. There is not a single sign of plastic in this homogenous mix as Kurkure is made ofhome-made ingredients. There was a need to make Kurkure a central part of the tea-time.

It is fundoo timepass snack. Kurkure PepsiCo snacks snack market.

kurkure plastic controversy

Home Education kurkure plastic controversy. Now for some time, we have heard about this silly plastic in kurkure rumor.

Made from the ingredients that are mostly available at home: People have come to know about the quality of oil used in Kurkure: PepsiCo launched Kurkure 15 years ago and has retained a dominant market share for the brand despite intense competition from both organised and unorganised players. Plastic contains plasticizers which belong to the chemical group phthalates.


Now, flight tickets can be bought on Amazon app Lok Sabha election Kurmure, the company can maintain its leadership through innovative new products that maintain the taste and quality parameters. The process of manufacturing Kurkure involves blending of the raw material to deliver ahomogenous mix.

kurkure case study ppt

Or for that sake the conflict of swarthy Indian maleness suffocating under the borrowed cloak of metrosexuality. Kurkure is different kurkuee chips and other snaks. Good looks but an average performer Microsoft, Sony collaborate to stream games and content to consumers More. An apt Kurkure Ambassador Juhi wears a defiant mask in a parentteacher meeting to ward off the critical comments of a hyper teacher and defends her ‘tedha’ kurkurre.

Detractors or mischief mongers at play.

kurkure case study ppt

The shape is very attractive and very crispy. We worked on scaling down the packaging costs while keeping quality intact,” she says.

Maharaja of Munch

The company called it the ‘bridge’ category and Kurkure, kurkurre ‘finger snack’. The company could keep distribution challenges and consumer behaviour in sight while developing new packages for its products.

The February sales incentives bill fell by INR 3,00,00, The promotional activities is by comedy.

The puffed snack market too is valued at Rs 1, crore. Pockets are available from Rs. Itdeveloped an even stronger identity through associations with celebrities like Juhi Chawla and Kareena Kapoorwell-knownIndian actors.


This issue has withered away,” says Warrier. While Kurkure offers products at different prices, the company has not focused much on product packaging.

kurkure plastic controversy – [PPTX Powerpoint]

Juhis vibrant and fun-loving personality complements and embodies the essence of Kurkure. It was a new experience for India and PepsiCo India managed to offer a compelling taste at a competitive price. The internal operations were scanned and re-structured. Previous Story The strategy and tactics behind the creation of Brand Modi.

KUrKURE – [PPT Powerpoint]

It was this irrepressible, loud, desi brand that was affordable. The consumer of kurkure is not only for children and also everyone. The team’s concerns were justified as it was angling for a space between the traditional salty snack and the more western potato wafer. Don’t we all feel like defending our overburdened little ones succumbing to needless competition?

kurkure case study ppt

The embracing of the unusual and the imperfect as a brand philosophy seems to be an opportunity. Our Plants are ISO certified, which confirms that the manufacturing process ensures environmental safety.

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