This building, the Theru Moodi Madam, is the last of the four road shelters which were on the peninsula. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I got married in the year From the main road, take the road on the left which is in front of Maviddapuram Temple and drive 2. Nallur, according to Portuguese sources, had a great Sinhala Chingalaz, as the Portuguese spelled populace.

It is very close to Naguleswaram, within walking distance. It is about m after the statue of Sangili which is after the left curve, on your right. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I cannot forget the childhood memories of that festival. I got married in the year The Emergence of Cities and States. They cook it in a huge container; about 30 to 40 people get involved in the cooking.

We entered the border of a forest. There it was mostly Tamil speaking people.

Tell us about our home town

We eat the stolen mangoes together. Jaffn did not go on many school trips. When they come to work we got the chance to get to know them. The temperature is coolest in December — January. Aware of its weakness, the Dutch built a huge reservoir which they paved with bricks from their homeland. I went with him.


my hometown jaffna essay

Today they are married and settled in far away places. Now defunct English weekly Saturday Review was an influential news magazine that came out of Jaffna.

We could have gone towards the hill country, but the land structure cannot be compared with Puttlam.

Tell us about our home town

Those families who cannot afford will not present the jewelry item. The entire land mass is flat and lies at sea level.

James Church originally established inlocated in Gurunagar. Nice shots dude with descriptions thanks for that.

my hometown jaffna essay

We bathe in the lake and bathe from that well. There is a library in front of the fort. They built small tents in front of each Mosque. It is served by government and private sector coaches and buses. Then we visited Dambakolapatuna.

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We can never forget those days. My parents were loving and caring. My hometown cannot be a called as a village, because there is a city close to our hometown. So we thought it will be better if we live with our relations.

my hometown jaffna essay

When the rain stops and the sun shines, a lovely rainbow appears. They were very old people, iaffna we stayed with them. From the Theru Moodi Madam, take the first main lane on the left. For Vesak we hang lanterns. I am planning to write few posts on this jaffna visit.


My house is yellow. The spring water flowing through the crevices and fissures of the carbonated rocks acquires residues of minerals and jaaffna sea water as it surface at Keerimalai. I met another boy.

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I can only do that. She performed thapas prayed daily with arms outspread facing the sea in the hope that Lord Vishnu would appear before her, arise from the ocean and grant her desire.

I do not know whether it is in Islam or not, but it is the tradition of that village. There I learnt more about it.

Manalkadu is a sparsely populated area, where each village forms an oasis, with life being centred around the village well.

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