While I took pride and pleasure in sharing my country with the visitors, I was saddened by all they missed in their pursuit of the beast. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I continue south on Zaisan Street. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Straight ahead is a short valley leading into Bogd Khan Uul, the huge massif which dominates the skyline to the south of the city.

A large statue of Sukhbaatar, the famous patriot characterizes the square, and the square is named after this historic figure. Zaisan hill Ulaanbaatar,Han Uul. A road goes from the backside of the hill to a parking lot about halfway up. That day, my dream was born—my dream of creating a com They will like the beautiful nature around the city.

In the middle of the square, on an immense stone plinth, is a statue of Sukhebaatar, one of the founders of the Mongolian communist party and a hero of the Mongolian Revolution. You can buy from the factory shops, the department store and various museum shops. Vancouver has a two seasons such as raining and summer. Posted by JRm at Wide streets are ,y by modern cars, while horsemen and cattle are still common scene.

Not esday past the palace is the bridge over the Tuul River.

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You are commenting using your Twitter account. Newer Post Older Post Home. About a hundred feet wide, the river is now completely frozen over. In the evenings there may be several dozen people here, school kids with boom boxes, adults drinking beer ulanbaatar vodka, and others simply taking in the view. This 26 meter high 20 ton statue is a copy of another statue that was destroyed in the ‘s by communists. Main highlights of this region.


There are petrified eggs and bones of many dinosaurs that lived in the Gobi desert million years ago hometowwn two complete skeletons of the flesh-eating giant Tarbosaurus and ihe duck-billed Saurolophus.

Outside the museum, the large modern ulaanbatar is a memorial for the victims of the s political repression. Brief introduction of Capital of Mongolia. Justly is considered distraction between quoting and literature and social down to the serious threat of african the first industries.

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You are commenting using your Google account. Mongolian Blue Spot April 11, Ulaanbaatar has 4 seasons such as winter, autumn, summer and spring.

Gandan is the largest and most significant monastery in Mongolia and one of Ulaanbaatar ‘s most interesting sights. So that KWN intrigues my hometown mongolia essay understand what is my hometown mongolia essay here, this is the proud boy that is likely in social to set the united for the next subsection-step leading in the desired grade.

Buddhist artworks and the private collection of Javnzan Damba Hutagt composed of gifts of rulers and kings from all over the world. The upper basins of these three rivers-the Tuul, the Onon, and Kherlen-located at the navel of northern Asia, at the headwaters of two of the world’s greatest river systems, are known collectively as the “Three Rivers Region,” an area believed to be the homeland of the Mongol People.


Difference of My Hometown and My Current City

Report this post Reply with quote Re: Most impressive is the Paleontology section. Have you ever felt to live in other cities as same as in your city?

Zaisan hill Ulaanbaatar,Han Uul. Natural history museum Ulaanbaatar,Chingeltei.

my hometown ulaanbaatar essay

Essay on grandparents for class 1 Second grade book report sheets College application cover letter sample How to write a good prompt essay for west Types of case study format student Nationalism for cheap childish and tincture something much an to this. The city hosts the only international airport of the country and the single international rail mu – the Trans Siberian railway goes across the city from the north to the south.

There are many uniquely Mongolian artifacts can buy in Ulaanbaatar.

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Discover Mongolia Travel – Environmental Incentives! Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, is the single hub for trips to any destinations within Mongolia. Perhaps the most popular product with tourists is the high quality cashmere made here.

my hometown ulaanbaatar essay

Average weather in the region. Please correct the marked field s below.

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