The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate your potential to satisfy this requirement. Such outcomes include, but are not limited to: And that’s really it. Your current education level should influence the tone and topics you address in your statement. Sometimes, the state of the field is well beyond what has recently been published, so it helps to talk to people and visit their websites if they keep them updated.

There are five slots available for applicants to list reference writers. Bowen – Awardee and PhD candidate at Notre Dame Lots of great advice about writing, with examples of what not to do too. Insights from the NSF 1. Describe actions, not just changes in your mental or emotional state. I have read some successfully funded essays where the authors speak very little of their previous research some applicants don’t have much previous research experience , but they instead decided to focus on something that made them stand out from the crowd. Why are you fascinated by your research area? Contact a previous GRFP winner in your field by email to ask about their experience!

How will it help you become a globally engaged knowledge expert or leader? A suggested fix is even better: No late letters will be accepted under any circumstances. Applicants are required to submit three ggrfp letters.

Merit Review Criteria – NSF Graduate Research Fellowships Program (GRFP)

Schedule a lunch meeting and stay in touch throughout the application process. In order to present a competitive application, you must address both merit review criteria thoroughly.


What have you learned? Please do not change this field. Experiences are the core of your essay and help you build your story. How do you know this is what you want to do?

NSF Fellowship

Research what has worked for others in the past. If your transcript contains your academic records for more than one degree, you need to statemen upload your transcript once.

As ofyou may now only apply to the program once as a undergraduate and once as a graduate student.

Reach out to potential advisers if you’re an undergraduate studentor meet with your current research adviser if you’re a graduate student to discuss potential topics for your proposal.

How will naf research contribute to the “big picture” outside the academic context? Sizes of sections are approximate. An academic transcript is required for every institution you have listed in the application module.

Merit Review Criteria

Start with an outline. Please do not change this field. Senior year, I applied sratement microscopy and destructive materials testing to study plasma-material interactions. How will this fellowship help you achieve those goals? An application that conveys a clear sense of who you are as a person, with a narrative that has energy and flow, will generally be better received than an application that is impersonal and flat. Congrats to this year’s awardees!


They send out promotional and informational emails about the GRFP as well as other job or internship opportunities. Statemeht gain so much just from the process of applying. If you would like to share your essays here, either with your name attached or anonymously, please send them to mallory.

Skills Address the selection criteria explicitly NSF provides explicit criteria to select Fellowship recipients. Have you had to work on a team before? Your personal statement is your opportunity to show the selection panel how your personal goals e.

These are all the essays of recent winners that I could find online. Don’t make this decision lightly!

nsf grfp personal statement guidelines

Tip from GradCafe Forum: To prevent spam, please solve this simple math problem below. Remember the format changed starting in ! Don’t get bogged down in the specifics, or be overly technical. Since the start of the program inthere have been overapplicants, and more than 46, proposals funded.

nsf grfp personal statement guidelines

How do you envision graduate school preparing you for a career that allows you to contribute to expanding scientific understanding as well as broadly benefit society?

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