The most celebrated leader of a backward state is Nitish Kumar, chief minister of Bihar, who has used his power to see to it that Bihar defies many of the expectations we have about such states. Inviting mayors and governors into negotiating sessions will make those efforts far more complicated, but it will also increase the chances of eventual success. And in he sided with peasants in a violent uprising in the village of Wukan, prosecuting local party leaders for corruption. The behemoth province of coastal China is Guangdong. But no matter how far they are allowed to go in the direction of political openness and reform, the system always protects itself against centrifugal forces. Read it, then call up your representatives and demand that they make energy and climate legislation happen NOW, while we still have a chance to preserve our climate as we know it for our children and grand children.

Top officials in the executive branch have to heed the voices of members of Congress on foreign policy issues, especially—though by no means exclusively—on economic and trade issues. I get back to the shop and go behind it. Tibetan wishing wall in Chengdu Kristen Suokko Continues below. That said, however, the central Standing Committee does approve all provincial-level party leaders and governors. With Cassandras this pitch-perfect, we can no longer say we weren’t warned about our destructive habits. I splash water on my hands and go back to work.

Beijing tries to rein in corruption, though clearly it is having a hard time keeping up.

william antholis brookings essay

Share your thoughts with other customers. Modi has his detractors, however, and has had his American visa revoked, thanks to a provision in U. Inviting mayors and governors into negotiating sessions will make those efforts far antholjs complicated, but it will also increase the chances of eventual success.


We eat in silence, savoring our food. There was a major difference, however, between Chinese and Indian liberalization. Of course he also experienced his share of frustration over domestic obstacles to diplomacy, for example when he found himself unable to break legislative gridlock on nuclear weapons talks and on trade deals.

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A bridge over the Pearl River in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou. Fast Forward is equal parts science primer, history lesson, policy prescription, and ethical treatise. At the other end of the development spectrum from Bihar are what might be called the forward states, such as Gujarat, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. That accomplishment helped him forge a coherent and reliable constituency of women from multiple castes.

And below them at the city, county, and district level, the interpretation of national priorities and rules is even more decentralized.

william antholis brookings essay

Strobe Talbottpresident of Brookings, served seven years as U. The amount of latitude given local government varies widely. Chennaicapital of Broojings Nadu. The city, capital of Sichuan province, is home to 16 million people.

At its best, that revolution is an attempt to meet the expectations and aspirations of a vast and diverse population. I splash water on my hands and go back to work. Traffic rules are incomprehensible. West Bengal epitomizes the challenge of being a swing state.

New Players on the World Stage: Chinese Provinces and Indian States

Moreover, he lost control of what was going on behind the scenes. That means making sure local officials do not go too local. As this complex process plays out over the years to come, those of us who are dealing with that system from the outside will be doing both ourselves and China a favor if we understand the growing importance of the provinces—not just the dynamics of their relations with Beijing, but their internal dynamics as well.


The Politburo does not, as a practical matter, try to engage in hands-on management of the 23 provinces, the four province-like megacities, or the five autonomous regions or special administrative units.

The United States is being short-sighted in overlooking economic and political opportunities in precisely those places—the provinces and states of China and India—that are most rapidly climbing the economic ladder and opening up new markets. Many have already begun to lead trade missions to China and India, and vice versa. To be sure, this will be a delicate diplomatic balancing act.

Tibetan wishing wall in Chengdu Kristen Suokko Continues below. India is only slightly smaller, with 1.

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Yet Modi presides over 60 million Brookinsg. Their brisk narrative includes behind-the-scenes coverage of Barack Obama’s impromptu meeting with key leaders in Copenhagen that broke a logjam and salvaged an agreement.

Whereas now there is a great reluctance to cross party lines, and the result has been a massive case of federal gridlock—not just occasional stalemates.

Banerjee is by all accounts essa ethical and committed to her job. The boom came at a cost, however—a real estate bubble waiting to burst and environmental degradation on an epic scale. Rather than proceeding in a straight line toward economic development, both these states often vacillate between forward and backward motion.

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