How Do I Play? The Official Release date is set at September 9, Q. They all checked for the exact value, but now you can be up to 4 points over what it says. Now you get to place the area Lutia Pass! The missions will reappear in different months of the game. TASVideos Tool-assisted game movies. Jashin no Kakusei Game Gear.

First, let me clarify how I will instruct movement on the battlefield. Missions with flags icons Don’t have an account? OK, that battle should have been no sweat. Buy the mission “Herb Picking” read the tiny blurb of a description, ACcept the mission, and Montblanc will come and chat with you. The former teaches Beatdown, which does double damage at half accuracy – which essentially means double damage in this TAS.

After you’re all done doing that, go back to the pub. Deploy all of your troops, and check todays laws. High Scores Pos User Points 1. Download an emulator for your chosen console, find some ROMs and join the fun!

ffta thesis hunt

I placed it in between Sprohm and Giza Plains. My point was simply that in typical beginner play, without carefully choosing laws, it only thesiz easier after Thesis Hunt. Don’t have an account? Sign up for free! Rememeber at the same time to learn ALL the steal abilities.


None of my had any knives, so you should be set. The player controls fdta to six units in grid-like, turn-based battles. There should be one for killing off Montblanc.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance – Walkthrough

But indeed if you don’t the thieves and the white mage can be a real PITA. Life couldn’t get any better. Run around the map until it is the beginning of a new month. The rest is easy. No, these long three days are in the game, and fftaa day is spent going from area to area.

The next bosses are simply a fftta of the Famfrit fight – sleep, surround and let Estreledge guy do most of the whacking. Only story missions are completed. I always kept him, but he got on people’s nerves back in the day. He was the one who bought the book that transformed St. I make the Bangaa a Warrior to prepare to unlock the Gladiator job.

I hit one of them so that Montblanc from now on referred to as Mont can follow up with a kill. The Hero Phantasm 3. Mont uses Fire on himself to gain JP.


And lucky you, you get to choose the name! Again, some friendly fire lets the Estreledge guy reach his target in 1 less turn.

CF’s Journal: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance – Mission Items

Otherwise, Marche would just advance and have nothing to attack. I placed it directly south of Cyril. Late that night, the town of St. You’ve shown that Monty can win the entire game solo. If you want a more indepth view ofthe many laws of FFTA, go to http: Is there a way to warn the person who made this list or ask someone to fix it?

However, first thing should be to move to Sprohm, enter the pub, and read all the Rumors. If you have a question about something that wasn’t covered in the guide, send me an email at centauri hotmail.

ffta thesis hunt

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