Students took all of this and re-thought and re-worked both the prototype itself and, in many cases, the overall thesis idea as well. Could you ask for more? Click on the image below to view the full Invision prototype. Version 7 of the design prototype is up! Requires the user to read it in order to understand it. Venture 19 – It’s a Wrap!

More likely to be resistant to giving personal information. How do they get the states to work with them? Third-party companies basically spend a lot of manpower setting up an infrastructure to collect this data, and they then sell it to campaigns. The flow feels like it makes a lot more sense, and I love the language! The team at the Voting Information Project does. What will you actually be sending?

Maybe add photos of candidates? Our graduating students are addressing real, human problems with their theses.

SVA-IXD Thesis Festival

Check out the program and RSVP: You just call the county registrar, they tell you the price, and you buy it. You are commenting using your WordPress.

At a bare minimum they get the poll site from the state election office.

sva ixd thesis

Each student then wrote about the evolution of their thesis thus far, and its relation to the field of interaction design. Another version of the design is done! But this process has been and continues to be fun. Meat Club uses food as a tool to start a conversation about our future and what possibilities lie beyond our current imagination.


The goal of the project is ever-evolving, but a main focus has always been to instigate a conversation about the future of our planet using the tbesis of food.

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There are serious legal issues around providing inaccurate polling information — this would be considered disenfrachisement. It took NationBuilder a month to find the right person in the state of Indiana. This is how the do it:. The way they get their data for this tool is basically a bunch of interns do a lot of phone calling. Organize all this data AND standardize it. As mentioned in the last post, the latest design can be seen here: On how feasible it is to create a nationwide tool, and on how it might need to be done: How can you make this a clearer CTA?

It forces you to get back to the essence.

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Meeting and hearing Jeremy Scahill, Journalist an The primary reason for this paradigm shift was to achieve the points below… Shorten the onboarding process and decrease the number of ixs to get to the juicy stuff: Some people will balk at being asked up front for identifying info. Pointless because typing in an email is only a millisecond faster than typing in a home address.


You can view the Invision prototype live here. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Part of this process was establishing an audience and market context to help crystallize core concepts.

sva ixd thesis

Once everyone started using it, they had a bit of leverage. Embrace the lessons of failure.

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This makes it more interesting. Doing it one by fhesis is NOT sustainable. Use an informal-language intro to each section that needs to be formal? She saw a need for people trying to get back on their feet, like ex-offenders, homeless youth, and recent immigrants, and worked to solve it using her thesis In some states, even cities within a county are separate from the county and state — e.

Ohio and Minnesota are great. Read more on our blog: Data is another aspect made difficult by the hyper-localization of our elections system.

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