If your thesis includes tables, you must include a List of Tables: This also applies to captions of tables, figures, etc. A student might wish to request that publication be delayed if any of the following circumstances applies:. Lists of Tables Required if applicable. Critically analyze the relevant literature Use and describe in detail the appropriate methodology for the research undertaken Conduct research and present findings Verify knowledge claims and sources meticulously Locate the work of the thesis and its findings within the broader field or discipline Communicate the research and analysis effectively Information about the scope of a dissertation can be found in our policy manual. Information on inclusion of supplementary materials will be coming shortly. Abstracts for embargoed theses are automatically hidden from public view.

If you have further questions about the Thesis Formatting Service, or require additional information on the scope of the service, please email ubco. Lower right is preferred. Should state the problem, the methods of investigation, and the general conclusions. Must be the same at the top and bottom with copyright symbol of the title page. Accompanying Materials is the term given to materials which are part of the thesis but which are not included in the text e. Performance of the various parts of the research.

College of Graduate Studies.

Convert your thesis to a single non-secured PDF file. Titles may contain diacritics accentsbut not symbols. During the embargo period, a request for access to view the thesis can be made through cIRcle.

Post-Defence Submission

It is your responsibility to understand what rights you are giving others when you use a Creative Commons License. The student can then grant or deny temporary access to the thesis. Submit thesis forms to CoGS. Notes and footnotes must be numbered consecutively throughout the thesis.


ubc okanagan thesis formatting

Changes cannot be made to the thesis after it has been approved. This alerts reviewers to the request for publication delay. Formatitng service respects the academic purpose and integrity of the thesis writing and submission process and includes services such as:. Ensure all required forms are submitted electronically to the College of Graduate Studies gradtheses.

The College of Graduate Studies is unable to offer pre or post formatting reviews nor is the College of Graduate Studies able to offer support and advice on how to use computer applications. Do not use two or more columns in your thesis. Identification and design of the research program. The titles of the appendices must be included in the table of contents. You will be notified to submit the thesis once the cIRcle account has been activated.

ubc okanagan thesis formatting

Plagiarism is intellectual theft. If an additional extension tuesis the embargo period is required, it is the responsibility of the student to contact the College of Graduate Studies no less than one month before the release date. Graduate students who have questions about thesis and dissertation submission requirements that are not answered below, or who are in need of additional support, are encouraged to contact the office by email gradtheses.

Abstracts for embargoed theses are automatically hidden from public view. If you wish to apply a Creative Commons License to your thesis, you may choose a Creative Commons License image instead of the copyright symbol.

Once The College of Graduate Studies receives the mandatory forms, students will be allowed to register and upload the thesis to cIRcle for the final formatting review. Students submit their final thesis documentation electronically to gradtheses. Ubd number sequence and completeness will be checked at final submission.


Post-Defence Submission

Under special circumstances, and with substantive rationale, this may be extended to a maximum of 24 months. It may take up to two to five business days for the thesis to be reviewed again.

ubc okanagan thesis formatting

You must use a consistent format for titles and captions of tables, figures and illustrations throughout the thesis. At least 6 point font in tables and figures. Sequentially throughout the thesis, e. The layout foormatting contents of the title page must appear as shown on these sample title pages.

UBC owns the rights to inventions, software and other products of research developed by students as part of their graduate thfsis. The final copy of your thesis must be free of all personal information as defined in the Privacy Act.

Must use the same font throughout the thesis.

Thesis Formatting Service | UBC Okanagan Library

You and your supervisor should decide on the form and location of footnotes at an early stage in the writing of the thesis, following a style guide or style of a significant refereed journal in your field. College of Graduate Studies. Accompanying Materials is the term given to materials which are part of the thesis but which are not included in the text e.

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