As a result, the company has the added challenge of frustration from current clients and which requires time and effort on behalf of the sales representative to have to go revisit these customers who are at risk of taking away from their current campaign. This is a fast paced work environment in which pay structures vary amongst and within departments due to seniority. Victor Vroom’s Expectancy Theory provides some important considerations for you to consider as you work to have a positive influence on your employees’ motivation. Retrieved September 21, from https: Policy Changes to Increase Motivation After much consideration and research into the issues that were counterproductive for the company as a whole, management has decided to implement the following policies for the company as a whole: He now uses overtime only when there are multiple IT issues on big accounts so he does not lose days in the next pay period.

This case will study will focus on how expectancy theory can be used to help identity and fix productivity problems in Lion Enterprises. An expectancy theory model for hotel employee motivation. Factors that motivate business faculty to conduct research: Tom is currently planning for retirement, to keep him engaged in maintaining his sales goals, Edith can let him leave at 3pm on a Friday twice a month. An International Journal on Theory and Practice. Tom is 62 years old and began contemplating retirement at the beginning of the merger.

Since she is salaried employee, her office hours are from pm. A test of victor H. She values the social interactions she vgooms at work due to no friends or family outside of work, yet she feels she is under-compensated in a job that leaves her exhausted.

vrooms expectancy theory case study

Here’s the principle of the expectancy theory: If any of these are low it will cause an employee to be less motivated Vroom, The company policy mandates that he completes 10 websites a day but is not reaching his daily or weekly goal. ABC Consulting can achieve this by providing task outlines to new employees before assigning them a case study as well as organising weekly vroms meetings within the first three months of employment for new employees.


Again, while Ricardo’s heart was in the right place, he was not able to positively influence Mary’s motivation as thekry did not understand her Expectancy Theory factors. She often finds the demands of her position to be overwhelming and does not feel compensated for her sutdy there.

If they don’t, motivation will be difficult. With her increased level of quality work she has had fewer returns and she is less backed up with her work.

There’s Room For Vroom’s Expectancy Theory in Employee Motivation

Low Edith knows that pushing herself harder will not have any more desirable outcomes. Journal of Applied Psychology, 81 5 The Law of Effect principle of reinforcment theory predicts that people will act to avoid pain and maximize pleasure.

Report a bug Atlassian News. In order for employees to perceive outcome, the details in their performance must be clear from management.

There’s Room For Vroom’s Theory in Employee Motivation

As expectancy theory uses all of these factors multiplicatively to determine motivational force Vroom, having a policy that lowers just one of these can result in employees not being motivated.

On the other hand, Brad expecyancy quality work as a better measure of performance rather than meeting his quota. An International Journal on Theory and Practice.

vrooms expectancy theory case study

Ricardo is a respected manager in a high volume retail store. In past research expectancy theory has been expecctancy valuable tool in analysing organisational behaviour and workplace motivation Van Eerde Reference List Chen, Y. Journal of Education for Business, 81 4 High Mary values the additional income achieving her sales goal provides. Either, we want to accomplish something or we do not want to accomplish it, based on internal and external factors that are important to us.


There are several problems that Lauren is faced with, especially in terms of the motivation of her employees. He wants one of his dependable employees, Mary to remain in his department. Mary is 35 and new to the banking industry. She is 50 years old and lives alone.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Another thing lowering the instrumentality of the employees is the lack of any reward for good work in a timely fashion. Perception is the key word. In the case of Paula, she does not link high effort with performance. As I learned when I was a young manager, you cannot positively influence your employees’ motivation if you do not understand what is important expectanct them.

Since he uses so much overtime, giving him a monetary bonus would be attractive but giving him a vacation or extra time off for a good job might not be as effective as he seems to be ok with being at work.

vrooms expectancy theory case study

Journal of Managerial Issues, 13 2 However, she is losing motivation to her low expectancy factor.

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